About Me

I’m Mechanical Engineer with a passion for new product development and advanced manufacturing. When I’m not working I rock climb, hike, ski, drink coffee, and travel (obviously). I was born in Mesa, AZ and grew up on a one acre farm with chickens and goats. I live in Denver, CO with my fiancé, Hayley, and my fur-child Finley.

I started this blog at the end of 2017 as a way to record and share my experiences. I found myself responding to many emails and messages from friends asking for recommendations on places I had traveled, so I started a blog.

Why I travel

I believe travel is the best investment you can make. You’ll learn to understand and embrace different cultures, identities, and beliefs. In today’s electronically connected world it’s important to experience the world, and people, around us physically and directly. And you’ll get more Instagram likes.