Zeppelin Station – Denver’s Hip New Food Hall

Denver’s River North neighborhood (RiNo) is starting to overflow across the train tracks onto Brighton boulevard. A new pedestrian bridge near the light rail’s 38th and Blake station now provides quick access to this previously undeveloped area. Abandoned warehouses have now been transformed into a unique 100,000-square-foot complex that houses 7 food vendors, 2 bars, and a coffee shop. Named Zeppelin Station, Denver’s newest food hall was created by father and son duo Kyle and Mickey. They also developed The Source Hotel just down the street. It’s similar to well-established Denver hot-spots Avanti and Central Market – but with a modern flare. With all the gentrification going on in Denver, it’s refreshing to see a development built in an area that doesn’t displace anybody.

Inside you’ll find a variety of culinary options ranging from Japan to Montreal, Italy, India, and South Korea. It’s a Millennial’s dream. Most of the vendors are located on the first floor. The second floor is home to Big Trouble – a chic cocktail lounge inspired by East Asian luxury and design. Visit in the morning for a coffee or the evening for happy hour.

What to try:

Au Feu
Montreal Smoked Brisket (market-bowl style served over fresh veggies)

Injoi Korea Kitchen
Fried Rice (with scallion, kimchi, carrots, onion, egg, and chili soy)

Brisket over veggies from Au Feu
Kiss+Ride Bar
Zeppelin Station first floor

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